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[During the battle. Trigger warning: violence, character death.]

It's hard to focus. He knows he has responsibilities, knows his friends are wounded, knows he has River to look after, but he's dying.

He knows it.

And there's nothing in his power to stop River running into danger for him, to stop her disappearing through blast doors that close between him and his sister. Nothing he can do but wait for the inevitable.

He tries. He tells the others how to treat Kaylee, he does his best to hold pressure on his wound as Inara sits, helpless, by his side, listening to the sounds of fighting outside.

But he doesn't wait with any hope. Because that's River out there, and eventually, the sounds of battle fall silent.

It's eerie, in the quiet after the noise has stopped, and the sound of the lift that brings Mal back is almost too loud. Simon barely notices what anyone says, the adrenaline doing little to keep the world from fading around him.

But he does see River, outlined in light, almost like a guardian angel, and he does hear the order to stand down, and he knows the battle is over.

He barely notices that when the Alliance troops call for medical assistance, instead of him going to an infirmary, the infirmary comes to him.

This post is plot-locked to [[personal profile] meimeimechanic and [personal profile] asklepian]. Everyone else will get a chance to talk to Simon when he's recovered!


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